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The five witches – The poridge-eating Witch

The five witches – The poridge-eating Witch 

The third witch of the five witches is also the leader of the witches.

She was an honored and valued member of the SMOCT kingdom, respected and admired by almost everyone. She was known for beautifull art and ambitious efforts.

But it was already during her first year, that the darkness appeared inside of her heart.

When meeting with the other witches she was always the first one to start the wicked games and rise evil words. Soon she and her friends made up a plan to take over the kingdom.

And they almost succeded, because the little king did trust her and often sought her advice.

The poridge-eating Witch played nice and always told him what to do, but she also always made fun of the little king with the other witches, just because he did ask her for help.

However, the plot of her was shattered, when some people chose to become judges in order to assist the little king.

But the porridge eating witch didn't give up and she and her friends tried her best to achieve their goals, not even hesitating to betray her other friends or to use them for her goals.

What she left when she and the five witches turned away from the SMOCT kingdom was burned earth and deep wounds.

The kingdom is only slowly resurrecting and the Poridge-Eating witch is still playing her evil games.

Laughing, making fun of her old „friends“...

4.3.13 00:17

The five witches – The Bloodwitch

The five witches – The Bloodwitch

The second one of the five witches was a grumpy young lady, who enjoyed the color of blood very much. She loved to tell violent stories and didn't really care for her audience that was too young or not interested in bloody stories. The Bloodwitch was as talented, as she was petulant. One day she showed you her smiling face, the other day she loved to stab you right from behind.

She was the one who kept the fire of anger alive, who drew blood and while she got angry whenever someone told her his/her opinion about her and accused those people of slandering she did not hesitate to fight back in a even meaner manner.

Her eyes were so blinded by rage and false proud that she was unable to realise that she was turning into a dreadful witch.

But maybe she is just happy the way it is... making malicious plans with the other witches, ready to throw blood and evil words against everyone who dares to stand up for truth and justice.

4.3.13 00:15

Number 1: Why?

The real bad thing about the whole SMOCT affair is that I really trusted thes girls.

I believed in them.

I was a fan.

U***y (edited username by Tanit), how could you? How can you?

Do you eveb understand how hurt I am?

I deeply believed I could get better by trying and practicing and all you did was stamping on my efforts! Why?


All of you: WHY?

How could you do this to your fans? To your friends?

I just hope we will never meet at a tournament again.

I've got enough of your drama.

I believed in you... so much...


17.2.13 00:02

New category: Letter to the Editor

New category: Letter to the Editor

 A category for really long comments.

Names will be edited

16.2.13 23:57

The five witches – The Witch of Leviathan

The first one of the five witches was a nice woman, who has been part of the SMOCT Kingdom from the very beginning and gave a try every year.

Maybe this was the reason for her heart turning dark...

Nobody knows when exactly the darkness started to take control over her, but people say, as soon as she did meet the other witches she became cold as stone and started a mud fight, encouraged by the other witches. The other witches were amused by her complaints and bad talk. But when their actions were exposed, they turned their backs on the Witch of Leviathan.

Only when she started another mud fight they came back once, but in the end, this witch had to leave the kingdom, lost a very loyal friend and is still no real part of the five witches.

At least, it looks like her heart slowly filled with light again...

But what has been done can't become undone.
16.2.13 23:53

Reasons NOT to join Tournament Cosmos

6 Reasons NOT to join Tournament Cosmos

  1. The whole staff did destroy another OCT and are proud about this!

  2. All of the staff beliefes that OCT's are a dead medium and people should rather join leagues.

    So, why are they running an OCT again?
  3. One of the judges tells out secrets publicy AND mocks about them with her friends

  4. One of the judges uses to publish private messages and discuss them with their friends.

    So much for trust and solving issues in a correct way!
  5. All the staff complained about the policy rules of SMOCT.

    Honestly, the policy of Tournament Cosmos doesn't look really different!
  6. At least two of the competitors are very good friends with all of the judges and where involved in the SMOCT affair.

    You really think judging will be fair?

More reasons for not joining this tournament?

Wanting prooves for what I wrote?

Just ask, I'll answer!

6.2.13 18:18

Tournament Cosmos - don't fall for them

Tournament Cosmos -what is this anyway?

Well, Tournament Cosmos is an OCT, an Orignal/Online Character  Tournament,


it's sort of a online competion, where is given a main theme and story and the members are drawing or writting stories with their characters fighting each other. Usually it's a lot of fun and people join in order to improve and learn working according to deadlines.

However, usually...

The the setting of Tournament Cosmos is a reality TV-show for magical boys/girls. Surely sounds like fun, but no one should join this OCT for simple reasons: the founders are, well, obnoxious persons.

But let's start at the begining:

Tournament Cosmos was founded 2011 and started as a Sailor Moon OTC, having a more serious plot than the other Sailor Moon OTCs around (your senshi was invited to a competition at the realms of the forgotten ones. Whoever would win was given the opportunity to change his/her destiny. Who lost had to stay and became a forgotten one).

Everything changed when 2011 the OCT SMOCT (more about SMOCT? Read here) had a catastrophal second run and broke down in April 2011. Some of the disappointed members of SMOCT where friends of the founder of Tournament Cosmos. Spitefully, they came up with a „solution“ for the SMOCTproblem: taking over the tournament!

Seven members of SMOCT, four of them present-day's judges of Tournament Cosmos, competed in year three of SMOCT(2012), aiming for the (instory)„wish“ every winner of SMOCT gained. But things didn't go as they planned. One of them quited even before round one, one was defeated round one and two of them had to fight each other, leaving only three of them ingame. But there were also troubles with the other competitors, who, on the one hand had improved since last year and on the other hand, all of the new competitors were quite talented. So their plan seemed to be doomed to failure. Because of this and also quite angry with the whole competition, they started a burn blog, called „SMOCT Oppinions“, a block where everyon anonymously could complain abot SMOCT.

At least it looked like that, time has shown, that these girls are telling the identity of posters publicy (seriously, how malicious is that?).

When the flame war stopped, the conspirators started to rant publicy against a team of artists who had tried to set things straight and had become the surprise of the tournament due to their level of skill and rather professional behavior. The girls wrote on their blog that they were afraid of this team winning SMOCT and started to write really mean and inpolite things about the team. However, the internet is the internet and so it was only a matter of time before they were discovered and the authorities of Smoct were told about their behavior. Of course, the authorities took actions, but the girls refused to understand they had done something wrong and after one, two warnings, they were banned from the group, except one, who stayed and kept complaing and trying to convince the judges, that talking bad (really bad, we are talking about public defamation) about people is okay, as long as the persons in question don't know.

Due to the massive problems, SMOCT was closed down and the rise of Tournament Cosmos began.

On the one hand, because the seven girls did spread their version of the story, on the other hand because a lot of the members of SMOCT wanted to proove that they are better than the seven girls think.

So, let's summ this up:

The judges of Tournament Cosmos are:


-people, who appreciate defamation and bullying, but only when they are doing this and only if the victims don't notice

-people who play nice but wouldn't hesitate to throw you off a cliff in order to achive their goals

-people who pretend to want to help you but in fact they are laughing about your lack of skills

-sour losers


-destroyers of a community and proud of it. They are even bragging with their experience they gained because of SMOCT! Talking about bad style!


You really want to join a competition with judges like this? (Remeber, ALL of the judges were involved in this and so was the founder of Tournament Cosmos!)

I don't think so! In my oppinion you better stay away from Tournament Cosmos.

But if you want to join, maybe even to proove them wrong, good luck!

However, I will provide to you a list of reasons „Why NOT to join Tournament Cosmos“.

19.1.13 11:45

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