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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

there was a little online tournament, whose king was not a good king. He was despotic and untrustworthy. He has been king for two years and has treated most of his subjects in a proper way, but some he treated unfair and for this reason, some of his subjects decided to help their king and became judges of the people.

For some weeks, there was joy and happyness among the people, everyone trusted the judges and everyone was looking forward to the annual games. People from all over the world gathered arround, new ones and veterans, all of them excited about the promises of the new judges.




However, little did they know about five veterans. These five were celebrated, beloved warriors. Noble and honorable from the outside, but envious and sneaky among those, they trusted. While everyone looked forward to the start of the celebration these people did sow the seeds of discord among those, who where unsure and disbelieving in the king. Friends became suspicious about their friends, new people were seen as enemys.

No one trusted anyone.

The judges tried their best, trying to calm people down, still believing in the five former heroes. But it was too late. Since the warriors denied to change their point of view and blamed everyone but themselves, their hearts became cold und dark. The five noble warriors turned into five malicious witches. Horrified by that, the judges and the kind decided to ban the witches to keep evilness away from their people.

But again, it was too late. Too much damage was dealt, the community was broken. So were the hearts of the judges, who all were befriended with the former heroes and tried to bielieve in them until the very end. So the judges left the kingdom, followed by many disappointed people, leaving the king alone.

Those who stayed are waiting for an action of their king until the present day, but the king is still hidding inside of his castle.

And the five witches decided to found their own online tournament, with their own rules and their own subjects, from time to time still bragging about what they have done and slandering about the people who once believed in them.


And for now there is no "happily ever after", just a  silent "to be continued".

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