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The little king

The little king

Once upon a time, there was a little king who wanted to impress a princess, he has known since a very long time. So, with the help of two loyal ministers he founded a tournament, all for the glory of his princess.
But soon he was blinded by the new power at his hands.

What he sad became law, what he wished for was done.
People respected him, people listened to him.

While the little king enjoyed the lauds of the people, the princess didn't feel comfortable and decided that they should work harder to give their best to the competitors and provide them an unforgetable experience. But the king felt betrayed and accused the princess of being no longer his friend.
Deeply hurt, the princess left the tournament, hoping that the little king would understand one day she has never wished him harm nor has she been a traitor.
Indeed, the king soon felt sorry for what has been said and asked the princess to come back.
But the princess refused.

From that day, the little king stayed inside his castle , only leaving to give orders to his people or to be celebrated. His two loyal ministers kept the tournament going.

And this way it was good, at least for one year.

The second year, the little king decided to brake the laws he had established, in order to favor some of his people. But one of the new members of the tournament did call him out of this and left because of his reactions. But the king was angry and became wary of every new member.
This way, he did forget about the tournament and because of this, the tournament did collapse.
So, for year three, he was joined by judges, who where once members and everything seemed to work well.

However, there were five witches...

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