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Reasons NOT to join Tournament Cosmos

6 Reasons NOT to join Tournament Cosmos

  1. The whole staff did destroy another OCT and are proud about this!

  2. All of the staff beliefes that OCT's are a dead medium and people should rather join leagues.

    So, why are they running an OCT again?
  3. One of the judges tells out secrets publicy AND mocks about them with her friends

  4. One of the judges uses to publish private messages and discuss them with their friends.

    So much for trust and solving issues in a correct way!
  5. All the staff complained about the policy rules of SMOCT.

    Honestly, the policy of Tournament Cosmos doesn't look really different!
  6. At least two of the competitors are very good friends with all of the judges and where involved in the SMOCT affair.

    You really think judging will be fair?

More reasons for not joining this tournament?

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6.2.13 18:18

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Maike (6.2.13 18:26)
OMG is that true?
Gotta spread the word!
Tell animexx about these people!!!!!!

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