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The five witches – The Witch of Leviathan

The first one of the five witches was a nice woman, who has been part of the SMOCT Kingdom from the very beginning and gave a try every year.

Maybe this was the reason for her heart turning dark...

Nobody knows when exactly the darkness started to take control over her, but people say, as soon as she did meet the other witches she became cold as stone and started a mud fight, encouraged by the other witches. The other witches were amused by her complaints and bad talk. But when their actions were exposed, they turned their backs on the Witch of Leviathan.

Only when she started another mud fight they came back once, but in the end, this witch had to leave the kingdom, lost a very loyal friend and is still no real part of the five witches.

At least, it looks like her heart slowly filled with light again...

But what has been done can't become undone.
16.2.13 23:53

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