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The five witches – The Bloodwitch

The five witches – The Bloodwitch

The second one of the five witches was a grumpy young lady, who enjoyed the color of blood very much. She loved to tell violent stories and didn't really care for her audience that was too young or not interested in bloody stories. The Bloodwitch was as talented, as she was petulant. One day she showed you her smiling face, the other day she loved to stab you right from behind.

She was the one who kept the fire of anger alive, who drew blood and while she got angry whenever someone told her his/her opinion about her and accused those people of slandering she did not hesitate to fight back in a even meaner manner.

Her eyes were so blinded by rage and false proud that she was unable to realise that she was turning into a dreadful witch.

But maybe she is just happy the way it is... making malicious plans with the other witches, ready to throw blood and evil words against everyone who dares to stand up for truth and justice.

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