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The five witches – The poridge-eating Witch

The five witches – The poridge-eating Witch 

The third witch of the five witches is also the leader of the witches.

She was an honored and valued member of the SMOCT kingdom, respected and admired by almost everyone. She was known for beautifull art and ambitious efforts.

But it was already during her first year, that the darkness appeared inside of her heart.

When meeting with the other witches she was always the first one to start the wicked games and rise evil words. Soon she and her friends made up a plan to take over the kingdom.

And they almost succeded, because the little king did trust her and often sought her advice.

The poridge-eating Witch played nice and always told him what to do, but she also always made fun of the little king with the other witches, just because he did ask her for help.

However, the plot of her was shattered, when some people chose to become judges in order to assist the little king.

But the porridge eating witch didn't give up and she and her friends tried her best to achieve their goals, not even hesitating to betray her other friends or to use them for her goals.

What she left when she and the five witches turned away from the SMOCT kingdom was burned earth and deep wounds.

The kingdom is only slowly resurrecting and the Poridge-Eating witch is still playing her evil games.

Laughing, making fun of her old „friends“...

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Gretchen (29.4.13 03:34)
Where are other two witches?

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